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Articles written by Gana Kiritharan provide interesting information about management and human relation problems and concepts. These articles challenge your intelligence and provide useful information for your knowledge.

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Chronic Toxic Metal Toxicity and other Chronic Medical Problems.

I, Gana Kiritharan, am experiencing chronic medical problems from year 2002 (age of 34) which can be identified as Metabolic Syndrome. On May 2010, I discovered that I am a victim of chronic form of Toxic Metal Toxicity (Mercury, Lead, Cadmium and other) possibly due to criminal intention. After I started treatment for my Toxic Metal Toxicity I experienced high level of fluctuation of my Fasting Blood Glucose value. When I recalled my motherís medical problems I realized she may suffered chronic form of toxic metal toxicity for a long period of time and she may get these toxic metals from fire woods used in the kitchen. When I searched for more evidence for toxic metal toxicity as the cause for woman health problem, I found toxic metal toxicity may me an important contributory factor for menopausal syndrome and several other psychological problems suffered by woman.

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Understanding Information Revolution and Its Social Challenges.

This article gives you a road map to the advantages and disadvantages of the Information Revolution and Computerization. It also explains challenges faced by management on implementing Information Management Systems on  work sites also the challenges faced by humanity at large.

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What is Next - Battle to Discern the Truth.


This article explain the History of Knowledge gathering and Organization of Present Knowledge world. This article call for a Positive thinking into Human relation and Its problems.

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